N97 Mini review

Nokia N97 miniPhones Review : Being a rumor since the Nokia N97 was released, Nokia N97 mini finally come. N97 exact shape, but smaller sizes and prices more incline. Nokia N97 Mini will be released starting in October at a price of 450 euros (about USD 6.5 million).

Nokia N97 Mini was introduced by the Executive Vice President of Nokia Anssi Vanjok in Nokia World 2009 in Stuttgart, Germany, Wednesday (2 / 9). The device is reliable as a provider of social networking in cyberspace with more fun. Why? because he is the first Nokia product that is integrated with Ovi Lifecast service that can be used to report the incident and photos based on location through the map Ovi Maps and A-GPS. Next, the report can be loaded directly into the largest social network, Facebook.

This device is also referred to as a friend deserves the best fit adventure in hand. The problem, in which there is an application that Lonely Planet will tell the 155,000 information interesting places around the world to visit, such as tourist attractions and restaurants.

Nokia N97 Mini comes with a 3.2-inch screen bersistem touch screen that slides to display a full QWERTY keyboard as an alternative navigation. 8 GB memory capacity and can be expanded to 24 GB with microSD. In addition, this device is equipped with 5 MP camera with dual LED flash and Carl Zeiss Tessar lens. It is also important, the battery endurance reaches 12 days (standby time) and 28 hours to turn the music without stopping.


LG BL40 review

LG BL40Phones Review : LG has yet another version of the Black Label line, this time brought in the form of BL40 LG Chocolate. World phone Full movie first, chocolate brings new features ranging from LG.

There is no phone there as BL40 chocolate is difficult to see that this phone is intended. LG maintaining a fashionista, because Black Label brand, but a full 21:9 (film) is absolutely a display for hardcore fans of PMP.

You can determine the style that this phone is for users who will enjoy looking at the phone as much happy as it consumes. Chassis is a combination of metal and glass, with vibrant red plastic on each end, with the upper connector 3.5 mm headphone jack and power / lock buttons.

The left side of BL40 LG Chocolate has a dedicated music button and you go down time to make the numbers work. It is embedded in thin metal strip that runs on the outside of housing, and is a well on the phone. There is also a micro-USB slot, seen here, also made the cover feels very solid, similar to crystal Samsung recently.

LG BL40A similar system is also in place at the right side that made the volume up and down like a wave chassis and camera button is a high metal ellipse. Sounds very cool, and to be honest, is more.

What is strange that there is a touch-sensitive keys, as I saw the original LG Chocolate. This is essentially a black front to save the LG logo, speaker and a tiny camera.

BL40 disadvantage LG Chocolate is also excellent, but this time around, plastic, black coat, again very small, with the LG logo, a small amount of items that you say is Schneider Kreuznach lens and a 5MP camera with LED flash. In general, it is saved on the phone very good (if not a little strange), and sometimes works very well.

Depth of 10.9 millimeters feels very comfortable in hand, and despite initial concerns that fits well male, in his pocket. We are not sure if this is a call for the ladies still have to be aligned, but if you like a man in a telephone conversation 21:9, so that fits well


Sony Ericsson W995a Walkman Review

Sony Ericsson W995Phones Review : Combining high-performance digital audio player, high-megapixel digital camera and high-speed mobile communicator in one package, Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman with ease you in touch with family and friends when he hit the road together, you can fully concentrate and foinn your favorite YouTube videos. Slider-style phone is a beautiful, clear color 2.6-inch screen, which is a big watch streaming video from YouTube to request and review pictures Electronica 8.1-megapixel camera with flash and advanced recognition technology.

A clear and intuitive Walkman digital audio interface is easier to control your music collection portable, and innovative features are Shake, the film wrists, but random selection of new songs in your library. W995 comes with 8 gigabytes Memory Stick Micro (M2) card can store thousands of songs.

Phone features aGPS location offers features not only to find their way from place to place in advance of Google Maps, but you can also view photos geotagged to the exact location where they shot. Other features include Wi-Fi (802.11b / g), Bluetooth stereo devices and music, integrated stereo speakers, 3.5 mm jack for headphones, fitness applications loaded (step counters), Web browser with RSS feeds, access e-mail and Personal instant messages, and 9 hours call GSM (4 hours with 3G network).


Nokia 6790 Surge GPS Unlocked Phone Review

Nokia 6790 Surge GPSPhones Review : Surge Nokia has 2.4-inch active-matrix screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and a color LCD display with support for up to 16 million colors. It contains an accelerometer for automatic portrait and landscape, and light sensor that automatically determines the brightness of the screen. The screen is a separate area of the bar, with a square five way navigation pad, two buttons, navigation, and standard send / end keys. Completed by hand on the messaging and camera buttons. Turn shafts and sliding side up to reveal a full keyboard QWERTY.

The phone has a user-accessible 120 MB internal memory which can be extended through microSD memory cards up to 8 GB. Internal phone book can store up to 1000 contacts with multiple numbers for each record, including support for user groups and photo / ringer ID. Other features include support for polyphonic ringtones and MP3, vibrating alarm, and detailed records of calls in the last 30 days.

Along with offering a wide range of messaging capabilities, Nokia is a great experience breaking navigation, including support for Flash to view the site the most comprehensive view HTML or YouTube. Nokia explosions can give you messages posted pictures, videos and reviews on sites like Facebook Email On-The-Go Pre-JuiceCaster application.

Hands-free operation is easy thanks to built-in speakers. The phone also has a wireless connection to Bluetooth (version 2.0) and includes profiles for communication headset, handsfree car, and file transfer. The profile A2DP Bluetooth, you can enjoy music from a pair of headphones compatible stereo Bluetooth. You can connect your laptop (either via Bluetooth or wired USB) and enjoy dial-up networking - search the Internet, e-mail and access the files on the server (additional fees or registration is valid).


Samsung B3410 Review

Samsung-B3410Phones Review : These problems are not new Samsung B3410 mobile phone. What a beautifully designed layout, touch screen and keyboard, and promises quite a stylish phone as a personal device of the invention GSM again.

Additional features B3410 is impressive, starting with the TouchWiz user interface makes it very easy, B3410
use and understand, mobile phone features and capabilities. TouchWiz is intended to provide not only a great user experience, but also to ensure that the phone is working smoothly. Direct production of Samsung, TouchWiz is a set without problems on all devices, Samsung, who followed them.

B3410 Specifications

The first noticeable feature of the B3410 is a touch screen and drag a full keyboard QWERTY. Older B3310 was to touch the keyboard, but not on the screen. The fact that the device was with a touch screen, Samsung is able to use hand-portrait-oriented phone is much easier. Dimensions 102,3 x 52,4 x 15,9 mm and even thinner than its predecessor, but it is also higher due to a touch screen has been upgraded size.

Screen to get in touch, except for the possibility, and also received an update in terms of size. Of the original 2-inch screen, sports, B3410 large 2.6-inch touch screen with a resolution and color display similar to the old phone (240 x 320 pixels and 256 thousand colors).

2-megapixel camera remains the same, but at the same time, the program was updated to be able to take QVGA video. Encoding only 13 frames per second, the quality is still pretty decent. In addition, the phone supports MP3 format files and MP4, and has a 960 mAh lithium-ion battery that provides up to 670 hours after the adjusting.

The device has a phone book capacity of up to 1000 names, and perhaps forgotten in the last 30 calls, which could be, or received by users. Her memory of the phone depends on the micro-SD card slot, then the B3110 has only 30 MB of internal memory.

Where to buy B3410

Carphone Warehouse, one of the largest retail networks in the UK is currently semi-exclusive hold of the unit Samsung. You should Pay-As-You-Go "for a reasonable price. In T-Mobile and Orange UK, B3410 treatment is free at many levels, especially in the 24 months.

T-Mobile offers the device to Nice £ 15 a month tariff, but in the end, all consumables (T-Mobile Combi). Orange offers a similar proposal in accordance with its package "dolphin".


Sony Ericsson Anio Review

Phones Review : Sony Ericsson has announced that soon gave the other major wireless market Aino. Anion Sony Ericsson gives users the best of both worlds with the germ in combination with an intuitive interface so contact the media. Browser which provides an overview of media and direct-touch access to its content.

Sony Ericsson anion your game console Playstation 3 and use of the media content access anytime and anywhere Aino remote play with the Playstation 3 Remote developed with the PlayStation 3, initially for the PSP held game console allows users to control and access to media content on the PlayStation 3 from their mobile phones. This can be done through a local area network between the Playstation 3 and Sony Ericsson Aino home or on the Internet from anywhere in the world. Lovers of television in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the UK, users of the service for the PlayStation 3 PlayTV Aino through mobile phones.

Sony Ericsson AnioSony Ericsson announces the newest member of the unlimited series Entertainment in London, the phone is their own names, not numbers. The series was the end "full", the spirit of the golden age of the plant, so Yari, Aino and Satie is a camera with autofocus, handsfree stereo, walkman, stereo Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, HSDPA and microSD compatible with slot. Yari is the first phone outside Japan by NTT DoCoMo, which controls the movement of The Game, with the original camera sensor is also offered. Aino is the first touchscreen slider with full operating systems and closed the front panel and comes with a Bluetooth stereo headset, charger and microSD card support for 8GB. Sati is the most comprehensive member of the series were announced under the name Idou, but unlike previous statements to the first major operating system Symbian Foundation last 3.5 "touchscreen. Products, is late in the year an important issue: price. Whoever does not do Swedish-Japanese manufacturer at any price, but sources said several Yari costs € 400, although some prices Aino 480 - € 560. Yes, I hope that this information is incorrect, because the manufacturer can not be competition at the end of the year with mobile OS with the same price.


HTC Tilt 2 Windows Phone (AT&T) Review

HTC TiltPhones Review : Together the convenience of a touchscreen with the potential to tilt slide full QWERTY keyboard, 2 HTC Tilt smartphone from AT & T lets you wait for friends, business partners and events around the world with ultra-fast 3G HSDPA mobile connectivity and the new Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. It regulates your chat with Intelligent people, not the application you use to communicate with them. So, if you look at your contacts, you can create a record of your conversations in any form happening, quickly and easily - even the latest Facebook.

Tilt the slide 2 high resolution 3.6-inch touch screen display on the full QWERTY keyboard - Optimized for use with heavy e-mail - and can be easily tilted to show the area extension. You will also appreciate the excellent conference calls with the speaker's dual speakers, dual microphones and advanced technology to reduce noise Straight Talk links to e-mail request conference. Activate the speaker but by turning on the device and then easily separate the microphone Mute button on the back.

The update includes Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system to overhaul the Internet Explorer Mobile web browser and the ability to see the document messages, even if you are on call or password protect your phone. You can easily keep in touch with your business and personal data on the go with support from a wide range of e-mail accounts, and the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents. And with the new Microsoft Windows market with my phone and mobile services (and AppCenter AT & T), you can easily back up your data on the Web and download large applications respectively. 2 extend the Tilt HTC Windows Mobile 6.5 with HTC's innovative TouchFLO 3D Overlay, making it easy to navigate with your finger.

The phone can quickly download video, music and more on AT & T's HSDPA 3G network Lightning fast. In addition, AT & T 3G network, you can listen to the conference call on the helmet when sending and receiving e-mail attachments, MMS messages or on Web pages at the same time. The GPS-enabled phone can access the AT & T Navigator service for turn-of-lamb and Video Share service, which lets you send video of themselves to another compatible phone during a call. More details on the optional AT & T services below.

Among other features of the 3.2-megapixel camera / camcorder, integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b / g), Bluetooth connectivity for handsfree devices and stereo music and tethering capability (with optional AT & T subscription), microSD memory up to increase 32 GB, and 8.5 hours talk time.


LG Neon GT365 Purple Protector Review

LG Neon GT365Phones Review : This rubber protective case for your device. This is a durable plastic that has built a rubber coating for better protection and support. It comes with a perfect end that all the functions of the device. The rubber tree has large handles so that they can not easily slip from your hands or other surfaces.

* Made from high quality plastic with rubber coating provides excellent protection
* Custom Cut-Out to maximize the functionality of the device
* Easy installation of the module, you use the quick and
* Color / Style: Purple
* Compatible with: LG Neon GT365


Nokia 8800 Gold Arte Review

nokia-8800-gold-artePhones Review : We will be more stylish with the Nokia 8800, because we have felt at this latest phone. Nokia 8800 Arte gold 18ct gold-plated leather also tri-band GSM support and WCMA 2100 technology for fast downloads and browsing. Gold Nokia 8800 Arte is equipped with a 2.0-inch OLED QVGA 240x320 with 16 million colors and 3.2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom. Great music, photos, videos, contacts, and more memory to 4 GB of internal memory. Additional features include micro - USB, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, Bluetooth stereo, Flash Lite 2.1 and MIDP Java 2.1 with additional Java APIs.


HTC Touch Pro XV6850 Black (Verizon Wireless) Review

HTC Touch Pro XV6850Phones Review : Get started and stay up all your contacts and important documents close as you with the HTC Touch Pro smartphone from Verizon Wireless is a slide-out QWERTY keyboard with an intuitive, rich graphical interface, combined HTC TouchFLO 3D touch screen combines . The TouchFLO 3D interface fully complies with the finger gestures when scrolling through contacts, browsing the Internet, and the method of delivery - all life, including photos and illustrations on the 2.8-inch screen with 3D graphics Processor appears. And with the power of Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system update, you can easily to your business and personal data on the support for a variety of accounts and go to stay connected e-mail and the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents, you Office.

Access to information and entertainment on the go is easy with Opera browser, the live web pages in the way they originally designed to be displayed to be viewed in the HTC Touch Pro 2.8-inch VGA. You will also receive your phone Wi-Fi networks (IEEE 802.11b) / g and a built-in GPS, which makes wireless access from Verizon VZ Navigator service for turn-by-step. Other camera features include a 3.2-megapixel camera / camcorder, Bluetooth connectivity for headsets, so communication and stereo music streaming, Windows Media Player 10 DVD digital video and audio, microSD memory expansion up to 16 GB and 4, 2 hours of talk time.


Samsung T929, 8 MP Camera Phone, Black (T-Mobile) Review

Samsung T929Phones Review : Memory from Samsung is a high-megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera or a fully functional 3G-enabled smartphone? It is all thanks to the 8-megapixel lens on the back of the device and support for T-Mobile's 3G (HSDPA) in selected markets, rapid discharge of Web and multimedia messaging is set. It is always connected to their closest friends and family with T-Mobile myFaves.

The camera has a Xenon flash, 16x digital zoom function, video capture, and six shooting modes and easy access to your favorite photo sharing sites. The touch-enabled phone is a large, colorful 3-inch, and includes intuitive and easily customizable Samsung TouchWiz user interface. It also offers built-in Assisted GPS (A-GPS) navigation, which uses location-based services, such as step-by-step, to allow. Other features include Bluetooth stereo speakerphone and music streaming, MicroSD memory expansion (up to 16 GB) and a digital audio player, access to personal e-mail and instant messaging, and up to 5.5 hours of talk .


Palm Pre Phone (Sprint) Review

Phones Review : The pre-revolutionary palm can make your life easier is always a step ahead. Palm will pull against each of its online calendar so easy to see the screen, so you're always on your calendar will automatically connect all your contacts from different sources so you can easily find what you need when you need. Whether you send email or text messages, surf the Internet, listening to music or simply making a phone call before the Palm, it is easier than ever.

Palm functions with the synergy of technology that gathers all information from various sources and combines them into one place for you to see. Instead of distributing data in different screens before the seal automatically, so you can easily find what you need. If you have Microsoft Outlook calendars, Google and Facebook Synergy automatically combines all the contracts and put them in a simple calendar, so do not miss a new contract.

The advance also helps you manage your contacts simple - not only executives collected from various sites such as Google, Exchange, and Facebook, but if you're still the same contacts in different places, this revolutionary phone will automatically connect to the the other appear once and only once. And all the conversations with the same person to extract automatically to a conversation. For example, if you start a conversation with someone via SMS, allowing you to respond fast forward through instant messaging or email.


Samsung Forever SGH-A886 Review

Phones Review : Samsung SGH-A886 or Forever known as the soon to be released via Rogers. This touchscreen device will appear in Samsung Canada's corporate site. Supported by nan stylish design, functionality and widgets online entertainment, Samsung Forever can be a perfect accessory for the busy life of the user.

Not only the large touchscreen display for easy browsing, but the virtual QWERTY keyboard is also comfortable for texting. Handset Samsung SGH-A886 Forever has a 3-inch screen size with 240 x 400 pixels, using the TouchWiz user interface, full QWERTY keypad, 2 megapixel camera with digital zoom and video capabilities, capable of storing data up to 32GB in a microSD card.
Other facilities in the form of full HTML browsing, Bluetooth stereo, AGPS, mobile email, mobile tracker, IM, MMS, and music player. For dimensions handset Samsung SGH-A886 are Forever is about 109.2 x 52.3 x 12.6 mm and weighs 94 grams. However, unfortunately there is no price of this phone. In addition, in this phone there is no FM radio and mobile TV, but it could be to print the document directly. About Forever battery capacity is around 1000 mAh, and can last up to 3 hours talktime and up to 250 hours standby.



Phones Review : Samsung launches Android phone called the Samsung Moment to work with Sprint. Same also known Samsung M900.
Samsung Moment happened shipping around November 1, 2009 in U.S. (price around $ 179.99)
Nokia smartphones equipped with a 3.2 inch display screen and AMOLED and vertical horizonntal QWERTY keyboard, 3.2 megapixel camera, Wifi, processir 800 MHz, integrated GPS navigation, the joystick and Bluetooth Stereo optice.

Form factor : Slide sideways
Color : Black

Phone Network : 3G, CDMA, EVDO
Service : 800, 1900

Bluetooth : v2.0
Infrared : No
Wi-Fi (WLAN) : Yes
USB : 2.0
Fax / Data : Yes

Main display : Color AM OLED
Color display : 16.000.000 colors
Dimensions : 3.2 in.
Resolution : 320 x 480 pixels
External display : No

Internal memory : 512MB
External memory : 32GB
Memory slots : Yes
Storage types : MicroSD, MicroSDHC

Battery Standard : battery, Li-Ion
Standby time : N/A
Talk time : 5.5 hours

Vibrate alert : Yes
Photo ID : Yes
Ringtones : MP3

Camera : Yes
Megapixels : 3.2 megapixels
Maximum photo resolution : N/A
Digital zoom : Yesx
Optical zoom : No
Auto focus : Yes
Flash : Yes
Recording video Yes
Second (front) camera No

SMS : Yes
MMS : Yes
T9 text function : Yes
E-mail : Yes
Internet browsing : Yes

FM radio : N/A
Java : N/A
Audio player : MP3
Video player : No

Add ringtones : N/A
Organiser : Microsoft Word, Excel en PowerPoint viewer,
Video call : N/A

Other features :
Google Android OS, Sprint, 5-Way Keypad, Full QWERTY keyboard, Widgets, Games, Sprint TV, GPS, Easy access to Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr, 3.5mm headphone jack, Built-in Google search, Accelerometer, IM


NOKIA 7230 Review

Phones Review : Nokia 7230 - Share your style, you've never seen so good. Nokia 7230's compact slide design, the colorful look and a solid set of features.
Special moments to share happiness with friends and family is the business, thanks to 3.2 megapixel camera, large 2.4 "screen and fast 3G connectivity. With the Nokia 7230 in your pocket, you have instant access to email, instant messaging and social networks, and subtle lighting indicate if you have missed calls or messages from your friends.
Retail price before taxes and subsidies are anticipated to be EUR 100 for the Nokia 7230.


Garmin nüvifone G60 GPS Phone (AT&T) Review

Phones Review : Nuvifone G60 is a new idea - linking smartphonethat GPS navigator with voice, data and mobile Internet. Since GPS is a separate document, G60 allows navigation while on the phone or use other features. Please check your e-mail and enjoy a full HTML web browsing via Wi-Fi network or data files as soon as the high 3 megapixel autofocus to Microsoft Office documents, and more. All in a stylish and lightweight, with a 3.5-inch anti-glare touch screen. The Nuvifone, you can always know where you are and wherever you go.

The transfer of information that you need when you need to secure AT & T 3G network. Use the Yellow Pages to search and navigation for businesses in your area - click for voice instructions that did not look at the screen. To quickly check flight and time of arrival or port information on the go. Convert currencies, measurements and temperature on the move. The use of local bases Ciao! social networking platform to share your location with friends.


Nokia E72 Review

Phones Review : The way we respond to show who we are
Nokia E72 is a high-performance devices suitable for the smooth business and communication support also pribadi.Nikmati IM / chat from YM, ICQ, AIM & OviChat.

best in class pengolahpesan
Get emails in real time via Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler, as well as from Hotmail, Gmail and other personal accounts - and quickly access your favorite instant messaging.

rolling fast and responsive
Use the Navi Key ™ Optical is very responsive to scroll quickly between web pages, emails, and the menu - or as one-touch auto focus button when using a 5-megapixel camera.

efficiency throughout the day
Work efficiently from anywhere - view and edit documents online quickly with 3.5G connections and wi-fi, and stay connected in a long time with a strong battery.


Sony's new X-series Walkman Review

Phones Review : Sony X - the last of the Walkman series Sony Walkman line of portable media players have a drastic new look on Tuesday at CES touchscreen advertising, Internet-enabled portable media players. The Walkman series of X, a 3-inch 16:9 touch screen, a clear allusion to the popularity of the Apple iPod Touch (and iPhone). It also has a digital noise-canceling, like Sony X to work efficiently and accurately than an instrument of cancellation of analog noise appears in the latest Sony Walkman.
Still Walkman, W-series, which was also announced at CES. W, is according to representatives of Sony, from "bear" and a small screen device is used for the active, hands-free design. The players really integrated into the headset. This will be offered in 2 GB capacity for $ 69 in the spring. W-Series has a "ZAPPIN function similar to the" Search "button on the radio, but to find and create a slogan for radio, will offer a discount to your music library. Then zap is. The device may charge only 30 minutes, but because the battery life measured in only 12 hours, it should be no surprise.