Android review

Phones Review : The emergence of Android handsets with various designs will steal the show in 2009. The presence of this Android will be a nightmare for Windows Mobile and Symbian.
Consumers probably will wait until next year to get a phone with Android operating system. At this time, a new mobile phone T-Mobile G1 phone only available by using Android. But this smartphone seems still far from expectation, because its design made many complaints by critics and consumers.

Samsung reportedly is ready to use the Android mobile phone touch screen. The model would be similar to the Samsung Instinct smartphone or Behold. Device that needs Android's virtual keyboard will be present in the first quarter reported even 2009.Samsung Android production speed, and the handset is expected to be marketed by operators Sprint and T-Mobile in the second quarter of 2009.

Motorola is also betting big on Android, by ignoring other operating systems and focus on Google's OS for handsets middle class. Some leaks Motorola's Android phone has emerged, but the first handsets are expected to have strong integration with social networks like Facebook and MySpace.

Sony Ericsson also has joined the Open Handset Alliance and is still in the prototype stage to develop Android phone. This company is known by its design in the middle-class handsets and handphonel with Android will enter the market by mid next year.

With the increasing number of mobile phone based on Android, the smartphone will fight even harder. Because Android fewer enterprise features, Research In Motion BlackBerry will not be affected much.