HTC HD2 Review

Phones Review : Today, HTC announced that the HD2 is now available in Europe and Asia for mass consumption. While we are happy for our friends to the east we are even more excited that HTC has confirmed that the HD2 “would be available in the United States with a major US carrier in early 2010″. We’ve heard the rumors that T-mobile and Verizon would be launching Android-based versions of the HD2, but HTC officially dismissed that rumor so now the question becomes which US carrier will feature the Windows Mobile HD2? With an early 2010 release we suspect the device will maintain its GSM core and simply add US 3G bands which suggests either At&t or T-mobile. Seeing as T-mobile has become the carrier for all things Android this leads us to believe At&t would get the device. On the other end of the spectrum we couldn’t help but notice the Windows Phone commercials for the Verizon Wireless Imagio, something we haven’t seen by any other US carrier. Keeping in mind that Verizon has publicly stated that they are going to attack the smartphone market aggressively through the end of 2009 and into 2010, we are back at square one. Who do you think is getting the HD2 in the US?