Nokia N900 Review

Phones Review : The name falls N900 "Internet Tablet", the choice to move forward with "mobile equipment" as this model is substituted for the N810, launched back in 2007. 2-over years and the landscape of Internet-savvy mobile devices has changed. Can this trade blows Nokia Pocket PC with the best of them?

In the hand, the N900 is something of a monkey with pieces measuring 110.9 x 59.8 x 18mm. Aligned against the likes of Dexter Motorola / CLIQ is rather fat, weight 181 g, towards the upper end of the handhelds.

The N900 is to be used in the landscape, taking advantage of the 3.5-inch, 800 x 480 pixels, resistive touch screen, adapted to their side sliding design. The keyboard has rubber keys of a reasonable size, which later, but built with the quality of confidence.

Stitches in landscape format and work around the body of the N900 you'll find on the left side features a micro USB connector and a pair of stereo speakers, another game right. The right side also gives you a rare screen lock slider, a 3.5mm AV jack and stylus, which runs along the bottom edge.

The top then he gets a dedicated camera button, a small central power device control button, and volume / zoom rocker. The middle button is really useful, allowing you to lock or unlock the N900, access to phone features, change the profile and so on.

You'll notice we've been talking all the phone in landscape. That's because the N900 really is not a happy puppy in the picture, there is limited support for the interaction picture. Closed with the N900 will get the phone in portrait mode, but little else, not even the customizable home page. We are accustomed to the content of our devices to adapt to change how they celebrated.

As a phone that works well, with easy access to contacts on a large screen on the scoreboard. A proximity sensor kills the screen when you are near the head pull the phone away to be presented in the call options. The sound quality was good, but a hard edge around the screen is a bit uncomfortable.