Sony's new X-series Walkman Review

Phones Review : Sony X - the last of the Walkman series Sony Walkman line of portable media players have a drastic new look on Tuesday at CES touchscreen advertising, Internet-enabled portable media players. The Walkman series of X, a 3-inch 16:9 touch screen, a clear allusion to the popularity of the Apple iPod Touch (and iPhone). It also has a digital noise-canceling, like Sony X to work efficiently and accurately than an instrument of cancellation of analog noise appears in the latest Sony Walkman.
Still Walkman, W-series, which was also announced at CES. W, is according to representatives of Sony, from "bear" and a small screen device is used for the active, hands-free design. The players really integrated into the headset. This will be offered in 2 GB capacity for $ 69 in the spring. W-Series has a "ZAPPIN function similar to the" Search "button on the radio, but to find and create a slogan for radio, will offer a discount to your music library. Then zap is. The device may charge only 30 minutes, but because the battery life measured in only 12 hours, it should be no surprise.