HTC Tilt 2 Windows Phone (AT&T) Review

HTC TiltPhones Review : Together the convenience of a touchscreen with the potential to tilt slide full QWERTY keyboard, 2 HTC Tilt smartphone from AT & T lets you wait for friends, business partners and events around the world with ultra-fast 3G HSDPA mobile connectivity and the new Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. It regulates your chat with Intelligent people, not the application you use to communicate with them. So, if you look at your contacts, you can create a record of your conversations in any form happening, quickly and easily - even the latest Facebook.

Tilt the slide 2 high resolution 3.6-inch touch screen display on the full QWERTY keyboard - Optimized for use with heavy e-mail - and can be easily tilted to show the area extension. You will also appreciate the excellent conference calls with the speaker's dual speakers, dual microphones and advanced technology to reduce noise Straight Talk links to e-mail request conference. Activate the speaker but by turning on the device and then easily separate the microphone Mute button on the back.

The update includes Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system to overhaul the Internet Explorer Mobile web browser and the ability to see the document messages, even if you are on call or password protect your phone. You can easily keep in touch with your business and personal data on the go with support from a wide range of e-mail accounts, and the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents. And with the new Microsoft Windows market with my phone and mobile services (and AppCenter AT & T), you can easily back up your data on the Web and download large applications respectively. 2 extend the Tilt HTC Windows Mobile 6.5 with HTC's innovative TouchFLO 3D Overlay, making it easy to navigate with your finger.

The phone can quickly download video, music and more on AT & T's HSDPA 3G network Lightning fast. In addition, AT & T 3G network, you can listen to the conference call on the helmet when sending and receiving e-mail attachments, MMS messages or on Web pages at the same time. The GPS-enabled phone can access the AT & T Navigator service for turn-of-lamb and Video Share service, which lets you send video of themselves to another compatible phone during a call. More details on the optional AT & T services below.

Among other features of the 3.2-megapixel camera / camcorder, integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b / g), Bluetooth connectivity for handsfree devices and stereo music and tethering capability (with optional AT & T subscription), microSD memory up to increase 32 GB, and 8.5 hours talk time.