Samsung B3410 Review

Samsung-B3410Phones Review : These problems are not new Samsung B3410 mobile phone. What a beautifully designed layout, touch screen and keyboard, and promises quite a stylish phone as a personal device of the invention GSM again.

Additional features B3410 is impressive, starting with the TouchWiz user interface makes it very easy, B3410
use and understand, mobile phone features and capabilities. TouchWiz is intended to provide not only a great user experience, but also to ensure that the phone is working smoothly. Direct production of Samsung, TouchWiz is a set without problems on all devices, Samsung, who followed them.

B3410 Specifications

The first noticeable feature of the B3410 is a touch screen and drag a full keyboard QWERTY. Older B3310 was to touch the keyboard, but not on the screen. The fact that the device was with a touch screen, Samsung is able to use hand-portrait-oriented phone is much easier. Dimensions 102,3 x 52,4 x 15,9 mm and even thinner than its predecessor, but it is also higher due to a touch screen has been upgraded size.

Screen to get in touch, except for the possibility, and also received an update in terms of size. Of the original 2-inch screen, sports, B3410 large 2.6-inch touch screen with a resolution and color display similar to the old phone (240 x 320 pixels and 256 thousand colors).

2-megapixel camera remains the same, but at the same time, the program was updated to be able to take QVGA video. Encoding only 13 frames per second, the quality is still pretty decent. In addition, the phone supports MP3 format files and MP4, and has a 960 mAh lithium-ion battery that provides up to 670 hours after the adjusting.

The device has a phone book capacity of up to 1000 names, and perhaps forgotten in the last 30 calls, which could be, or received by users. Her memory of the phone depends on the micro-SD card slot, then the B3110 has only 30 MB of internal memory.

Where to buy B3410

Carphone Warehouse, one of the largest retail networks in the UK is currently semi-exclusive hold of the unit Samsung. You should Pay-As-You-Go "for a reasonable price. In T-Mobile and Orange UK, B3410 treatment is free at many levels, especially in the 24 months.

T-Mobile offers the device to Nice £ 15 a month tariff, but in the end, all consumables (T-Mobile Combi). Orange offers a similar proposal in accordance with its package "dolphin".