LG BL40 review

LG BL40Phones Review : LG has yet another version of the Black Label line, this time brought in the form of BL40 LG Chocolate. World phone Full movie first, chocolate brings new features ranging from LG.

There is no phone there as BL40 chocolate is difficult to see that this phone is intended. LG maintaining a fashionista, because Black Label brand, but a full 21:9 (film) is absolutely a display for hardcore fans of PMP.

You can determine the style that this phone is for users who will enjoy looking at the phone as much happy as it consumes. Chassis is a combination of metal and glass, with vibrant red plastic on each end, with the upper connector 3.5 mm headphone jack and power / lock buttons.

The left side of BL40 LG Chocolate has a dedicated music button and you go down time to make the numbers work. It is embedded in thin metal strip that runs on the outside of housing, and is a well on the phone. There is also a micro-USB slot, seen here, also made the cover feels very solid, similar to crystal Samsung recently.

LG BL40A similar system is also in place at the right side that made the volume up and down like a wave chassis and camera button is a high metal ellipse. Sounds very cool, and to be honest, is more.

What is strange that there is a touch-sensitive keys, as I saw the original LG Chocolate. This is essentially a black front to save the LG logo, speaker and a tiny camera.

BL40 disadvantage LG Chocolate is also excellent, but this time around, plastic, black coat, again very small, with the LG logo, a small amount of items that you say is Schneider Kreuznach lens and a 5MP camera with LED flash. In general, it is saved on the phone very good (if not a little strange), and sometimes works very well.

Depth of 10.9 millimeters feels very comfortable in hand, and despite initial concerns that fits well male, in his pocket. We are not sure if this is a call for the ladies still have to be aligned, but if you like a man in a telephone conversation 21:9, so that fits well