OT-708 Alcatel One Touch Mini Review

alcatel-ot-708-one-touch-mini1Phones Review : Alcatel has never had a good reputation, mainly because his unit is low-end, super-cheap mobile phones, which are found only in a network. Before the collapse of a Woolworths subsidiary of Alcatel-phone for under 10 pounds could vote, but now the French manufacturer's games.

The OT-708 Alcatel One Touch Mini is a full touch screen device. In fact, there is no hardware keys in sight - even the buttons below the screen is touch sensitive and very receptive.

There's nothing fancy in display technology - the user is ohmic if the iPhone, you must use a little more difficult when printing. There are no corners or multi-touch functionality, but who needs these complex functions is possible only if the 2.4 inch screen?

Home Screen on the Alcatel OT-708 Mini One Touch seems familiar - it is almost identical to the Class S LG and Samsung TouchWiz UI with widgets on a panel on the left side and the bottom plate.

These panels appear and disappear, simply press the left button or middle LED below the screen. To add widgets on the home screen for quick access, you drag them where you want them to be. The selection of widgets is rather low compared to other widget-based user interface, but most are used, including a calendar, music and meteorological applications. Probably the most useful of all missed calls / SMS widget that any new measures to collect in one place.

The menu is Cluses by pressing the right button on the touch screen, and you are led into a three-part menu. These are color codes, each with a different aspect of life. Left button is too little color relationships and connections with calendar, calculator and institutions. The main menu allows you to maintain communication, so that texts and phonebook. This is the first thing when you press the menu button on the home screen. The sink for multimedia and fly into the camera, gallery and music player.

What surprised us was OT-708 Alcatel One Touch Mini fixing applications where you can access applications and e-book reader. The applications are currently extremely limited - if you click on the link to programs that take you on a web page where you download it only found the possibility of Opera Mini. Among the icons of applications in e-book reader connected. For each book, eBook Reader you can download eBooks appear elsewhere, and the screen is too small to comfortably read a book, but it is an attempt by Alcatel-Nice applications to enter the game.

Media-wise, Alcatel measured light. Although never known for high-tech features, a camera of 1.3 megapixels disappointing. Picture quality grainy and suffer ill effects even in low light - not surprising since there is no flash or autofocus.

The music is also very easy and there is no 3.5mm jack in sight. An FM radio is included in the price, but the stereo headset also acts as a receptor for that and we will not feel the most comfortable headset we've tested.

Others cut corners, the information capabilities. Although the GPRS connection is even a little help from onboard a bonus. Finally, as we use the browser (although basic), Alcatel has kindly sent us when we play only GPRS?

The OT-708 Alcatel One Touch Mini can not be the most modern games, but it's pretty impressive in the first commitment period of Alcatel in the area of touch screen. The user interface is easy to use, especially if the elements in the game and touch sensitive buttons vary depending on the program, you get used to.