Sony Ericsson Kurara Review

Sony Ericsson KuraraPhones Review : There is something strange happens - the Sony Ericsson U5i passed FCC tests a few days, but the number was sent out around the model to the Sony Ericsson Model Kurara, if such a device U5i other.

Sony Ericsson Kurara exhaust soon - with Symbian powered phone with a 3.2 inch screen nHD and 720p video recording. Kurara the CPU is designed to be an A8 Cortex clocked at 600MHz and 3G phones with HSPA and scouts Wi-Fi

Sony Ericsson U5i the tests are successful, however, the FCC has been testing at only two-band GSM and the leading edge (850/1900). They also test 802.11g / b Wi-Fi, but no 3G in sight in the test report.

The message indicates that the Sony Ericsson U5i CellPassion really only 2G. Other Specs they mention that the Symbian operating system and screen resolution nHD (the screen that if) Oh, and 2MP camera. Perhaps the first rumors were wrong about the number Kurara model U5i.

Therefore, it seems Sony Ericsson U5i be focusing on the crowd to NOKIA 5230 and 5530 NOKIA XpressMusic.

Update: It seems that the only thing under U5-2 right megapixel camera. Without doubt this specification CellPassion taking place at the wrong U5i XML. As it turns out you can, be still U5i Kurara (or vice versa), but that does not answer why the FCC did not test the 3G spectrum in unit testing.

Notification goes U5i (Kurara or should not) be available on the 1st quarter of 2010 as the request for confidentiality Sony Ericsson FCC at the end of March. Without doubt, we expect a little more before the flight, but if you know something, please let us know.