Samsung F480 Tocco Review

samsung-f480-toccoPhones Review : What's new mobile phone from Samsung exactly? Samsung is really know yourself? The Samsung Tocco? The Samsung F480? Or how about Samsung TouchWiz F480!

However, the confusion over the name of one side is a mobile phone very well - indeed, one of the best I saw this year is distance.

Touch screens are very "hot" at the time and the F480 is no exception in using this method of navigation through menus and use the phone itself. Samsung have shaken every little touch, screen models are pretty good for the concept, as it responds very well - unlike some other phones, including the LG KF600 which is terrible. The screen itself is very large 2.8 "and is perfectly clear resolution, the TouchWiz by a real pleasure.

As a 3.5G device, the Samsung Tocco F480 is very useful for browsing the Web or download music and videos all played with a super fast 3G speeds.

The camera case is a very decent 5-megapixel offering features automatic face detection, autofocus, flash and video and image stabilization. It also has a slow motion function and built-in video editor. All good things!

Taking into account the specifications of the device, the SGH fairly small and light compared to most previous models of mobile phones - its dimensions are only 98.4 x 55 x 11.6 mm and the weight reaches 100 grams. Battery life is approximately 3 hours of talk time and 300 hours standby, which is not surprising, but certainly not bad.