HTC S740 Review

HTC S740Phones Review : HTC mobile phones are known for their functionality and striking forms. All phones with innovative accessories to meet all forms of communication needs. They are well equipped with excellent technology, exclusive and elegant functionality, form and strength of multiple tasks. You can clearly see the technology in its devices and the HTC S740 is no exception at all.

The HTC S740 has managed to overcome all their counterparts in many ways, as shown with a wide range of communication functions. However, the HTC S740 is an updated edition of the S730 model is very different in appearance and style, utility and aesthetics.

Some features of the HTC S740 Row:

Phone Size:

The size and weight of the HTC S740 is not a problem. It weighs only 140 grams including the battery weight and dimensions are 116.3 mm x 43.4 mm x 16.6 mm, which is not too large. It is very compact and comfortable to wear.

Screen Size and Features:

The 2.4-inch TFT-LCD with QVGA resolution, LED backlighting and 3.2 megapixel camera offers a brilliant image quality. Since the HTC S740 screen only works when the slide open QWERTY keyboard, you can be a bit annoying.

The keypad features:

This device has no touchscreen. But HTC S740 has a QWERTY keyboard is a good compensation. Leave some intensive tasks such as editing and creating documents. The standard keyboard will be of great help in sending SMS and phone numbers.


Speed Broadband HSDPA, Wi-Fi hot spots so you can navigate and access your favorite websites in a fast pace. You can change many things at a higher speed. Thank you to your RSS feeds, you can stay updated with the latest news. But this is not defined as the HTC S740. It has more to offer. It has SD card slot for memory expansion, long battery life with a talk time of approximately 6-5 GSM and WCDMA. He has also Assisted GPS, Bluetooth ® 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate and A2DP for wireless stereo headphones, FM radio and speaker and co HTC S740 headset a must buy.