Motorola Cliq Review

motorola-cliq-reviewPhones Review : If anyone doubts that Google Android has a future, then they have not seen, T-Mobile Motorola Cliq MB200. With its simple touch-keyboard design, spacious and action-packed feature set, combining the Cliq an attractive, powerful device with the Android operating system adaptation. We will not tell you that the "best draw Android phone yet - a hard to make it as Android phones will go on sale - but proves that Android phones are in development and improvement over time. We also look forward to to see a manufacturer other than comprehensive HTC Android operating system.

Moto has his own twist on the Android operating system user Moto Blur synchronize your new social media, contacts and e-mail. Despite the fact that all information in one convenient place, the overall impression is overwhelming. Its performance could be better and the operating system Android phone saddle with a number of limitations. Despite these disadvantages, the Cliq offers a nice contrast with the Sprint HTC Hero and better prices than myTouch 3G and T-Mobile G1. It goes on sale at T-Mobile on November 2, 2009 for $ 199 with a service contract.