LG Versa Review

lg-versa-phonePhones Review : Versa is an LG touchscreen phone with a touch - this is a detachable QWERTY keyboard allows users to delete unnecessary bulk, if you like. As expected, LG and average yield Versa offer excellent features, price and sweet.

Personalization appears: in the standard package, to and an attack, a QWERTY keyboard and built-in leather cover. But if the user does not want the majority of the QWERTY keyboard, so there is a very interesting possibility - that can be easily separated and the virtual QWERTY keyboard will replace the messaging features. The pillow to replace the QWERTY keyboard and the cover of the phone now seems a bit 'different. The bridge is equipped with an OLED display high definition. Standard calls / send / end keys are conveniently placed quick access to improved user experience. Yes, many superficial similarities with the Dare, but Versa is a more elegant version of the two and the battery cover has an elegant high-end wraps. Customize the look of any home screen icons and the coverage of art easy to follow instructions on a page that contains the full range of adaptability, he says. Attaching the keyboard also has faux leather on both sides, and provides a hint to your executive.

Features of the evaluation of the offer: For a change, the works of the handwriting recognition software and even doodle, the text is relevant sources. Yes, there are some difficulties in distinguishing between numbers and letters, but as is the case, with touch screen more in this category. Has a great memory heading up to 1000 contacts. Other useful applications include text and multimedia messaging, speakerphone and calculator tip. The pad is very intuitive and helps when it comes to making small drawings. 2 megapixel camera is below average, given the current market standards. It would have been better equipped 5-megapixel LG, at least. Using the GPS VZ Navigator subscription, and audio specifications, which has a built-in stereo speakers and A2DP, along with a 2.5 mm jack for stereo headphones. Expansion of memory in the form of micro-SD SD Card slot.

Dom - The LG Versa is a combination of a manager just a theme and a beautiful style phone. It's a bit 'different touch screen and normal operation of the market is demanding. Makes a strong case as an intelligent purchase and promises durability and performance.