Sony Ericsson K810i Review

sony-ericsson-k810iPhones Review : The Sony Ericsson K810i is an updated version of the popular K800 model, a number of advanced features in every phone has features, and offers customers the opportunity to enjoy everything offered with the previous model, but use a little lighter and easier to package .

The K810i has everything you need to communicate, where in the world. Enter the call features are integrated with a dual camera for video telephony on 3G network easily and adequately equipped, you can text, picture and video messages to send, including the use of the phone easy to navigate menu driven system.

As with all Sony Ericsson mobile phones, the K810i has an enviable view multimedia suite that enables you to listen to music, videos, and browse through your collection of photos directly from your phone. Despite its low weight of only 115g, the K810i has all the features you need to make a quality 3.2-megapixel camera with high quality on this page, you can transfer them to your computer using Bluetooth wireless system, contact is integrated.

The 3G broadband data transfer internet connection to the original style, you can use the K810i with the Internet and download files to use as ringtones direct access to your phone in a flash. By connecting via the 3G network, depending on your cell phone company, you can also access a number of websites with news and entertainment, and power of Google and Yahoo!

The K810i is so with the website, which offers a suite of tools integrated in the web is easier than ever access. You can chat with friends and colleagues via instant messaging client to read your emails on the road and even keep your favorite news sources using the built-in RSS aggregator, and update your personal blog with photos and text directly from the Sony Ericsson K810i.

Through its links with Sony, and access to the Walkman experience leading Entertainment Company, this phone is perfect for listening to music, and features an MP3 player with expandable memory up to more than 2 GB Mini SD card slot on the side construction of the device. You can about 500 songs on your phone and memory card, making it the ideal go anywhere multimedia device.