Samsung Impression Review

samsung-impressionPhones Review : One of the feature packed phone available on the market the impression that the Samsung phone you are looking for, with his heart and attractive features (and we must also say nice) Outlook. With its large touch screen and vibrating to draw full physical QWERTY keyboard, this phone is pretty focused on!

The striking fact about this phone is the OLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology, which celebrated in the U.S. premiere. For all of these are potential customers, this results in the brightest and the best color screen you ever seen on a cell phone. You'll be amazed at how closely you can see the display in any environment, including the sunny outdoors. The vivid colors and remarkably clear and detailed description to the display footprint, the biggest USP.

View your pictures or videos on its 3.2 "touch screen, supports up to 262,000 colors and a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels is just too funny. Furthermore, additional unique features such as a proximity sensor that receives the screen, you if this is close to the face and the power, the lower display shows the testing and quality, which leads to the attainment of the phone sleek and smooth.

The pressure is created in order to be displayed as a bar of chocolate with a full QWERTY keyboard, which can be accessed by tilting up the phone on its side and slide. Samsung has done a good job with the QWERTY keyboard, so that the key to lock users in order to improve the ease and user friendliness. If this is not your taste, you can also use the onscreen keyboard, both T9 and QWERTY offers.

Other notable features is the intuitive TouchWiz interface, which is 3.0 MP camera and GPS. AT & T MediaNet impressions with a browser and a 3G connection that is extraordinarily fast. It takes about thirty seconds, the page to load. The browser can be displayed in both portrait and landscape mode, users can also easily switch between the keyboard and QWERTY keyboard.

The 3.0-megapixel camera, high-quality images that are easy to use phone, all of which can be changed in one touch of the screen.

Call reception and sound quality is above par on this phone. Installation of the speaker could be heard well enough for me, and you hear the other person even if it was on the road and the battery life of 250 hours announced an accurate estimate.