Compare Mobile Phone Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Epic Touch 4G

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

To conclude, finally, the version d' The United States of the report/ratio of the galaxy landed in our office.

The bond of the galaxy is a piece fino-lookin' ; of hardware. The Galaxy Nexus has no physical hardware keys on its face.

The Galaxy Nexus is powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 4460 processor, with 1GB of RAM and 16GB or 32GB of storage. The Galaxy Nexus scored well on all of our benchmark tests (which includes the Sunspider JavaScript benchmark and the GLBenchmark). The Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile scored slightly higher overall than the Galaxy Nexus.

We also ran the Qualcomm-developed Vellamo benchmarking app, on which the Galaxy Nexus earned a score of 803. (The Droid Razr got a score of 1040, which put it ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S II.) This score puts the Galaxy Nexus ahead of the Samsung Skyrocket and the HTC EVO 3D. Call quality over Verizon’s network in San Francisco was consistently good.

Samsung Epic Touch 4G

Super AMOLED Plus Display
The 4.52-inch Super AMOLED Plus display on the Epic Touch is quite nice, but text isn't quite as sharp as what we saw on the European Galaxy S II. The Epic Touch's display is slightly larger than the European version (which has a 4.3-inch display) so it seems like the text sharpness may have been compromised by larger screen real estate. According to Samsung, Super AMOLED Plus displays have 50 percent more subpixels than the first-generation Super AMOLED displays (seen on the Vibrant, Mesmerize, and other Galaxy S phones) and perform even better than their predecessors in bright light.

Android Gingerbread With TouchWiz 4.0
All of Samsung's Galaxy S II phones have six-axis motion sensing, powered by an accelerometer and a gyroscope. This feature is great for gaming, but Samsung also throws in some gesture-based phone controls. Performance
Like the AT&T Galaxy S phone, the Epic Touch is powered by a 1.20GHz dual-core Samsung Exynos processor. Image-heavy site TheBoldItalic.com loaded in 10.1 seconds, and media-heavy ThrasherMagazine.com loaded in 13.6 seconds.
We have good 4G coverage in San Francisco; but in our 4G Phone Shootout, Sprint had the poorest country-wide coverage.
Call quality over Sprint was very good overall.


How to make a tester of telephones d' to be before d' to be released with the public

As always, the last telephone which is available and to test all the new applications that l' access? An excellent way d' to like mobile new technology to profit without to sacrifice the entire budget for the new telephones is d' to learn how to be a tester of telephones.

This is a tester of telephone? A tester of mobile phones is a person who comes to the mobile phones, the applications of cell phone and new functionalities on the telephone to test before they are actually diffused with the public. To test, your telephone can be paid to do this work. More probably, this person voluntarily goes in exchange of the possibility that the telephones are not yet available for public tests. In both cases, the tester will test the new product or service mobiles in convenient time and will submit a report of the results of the tests to some extent to people who read the tester.

How to make a tester of telephones this n' is not very easy for a telephone tester due to the fact it of the places limited available for this type of work and it much of people who would have. However, you can become a telephone tester, if you know where to look for this work.

• Check the Web sites of the companies of mobile telephony and the manufacturers of telephones which you like more. Each company can raise publicity on the Web sites, the sites employment and the blogs to make known they are interested to take the cell measures. The amount of l' test of work will be probably limited to you, while working with a company, but you l' occasion d' to test the products which you want.
• To obtain an employment with a cellular Telco. If you are ready to work for a cellular phone, it is a good d' means; to obtain the possibility of testing the telephone for the same company to have. Many people in work like a telephone tester to obtain this work because they know someone one which knows someone one. There to join the network with the good people on the telephone of the events, then to put the word in the middle of the network which you try to works like a telephone tester.
• Check technology d' boards employment.
• To apply to work like a critical writer/for the mobile blogs, sites and magazines. Paid to the listeners of last the mobile phones and the functions of the mobile phone for control and their opinions are transferred towards the sites. This employment is difficult to obtain and it is preferable if you have experience as a technical writer, but c' is an excellent d' means; to obtain an employment like a telephone tester (and paid!) To obtain
• To start a mobile blog. To become a telephone tester requires a combination of perseverance and chance.
• Obtain free products to test, or of l' money, just to take…
• Want you to be a tester of video games a tester of video games n' is not all the recreation and plays, but c' is a very pleasant career. A video…
• Tester uses of plays Tester uses of plays are idealized by much. > > You want to become a tester of play and d' to be paid?

Review Phones LG Nitro HD vs Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

Review Phones LG Nitro HD vs Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket


The head, the d' pushes; Entrance toward another, there n' is none, of the qu' to state fact; it was bound, in order to produce - itself particularly now qu' AT& ; T is finally in the play with its LTE net 4G. In our last comparison the bright rocket of the galaxy S could be characterised II of Samsung the HTC lively in so much qu' being the first device roughly to work on also, if you on the market are, around a Smartphonen of 4G LTE d' to take; AT& ; T, but this mark over masters it a harder competition against l' atterrisseur hp nitro. How did we in our new examination hp nitro see, have it the material and balanced execution, around interests outside in Faschinen to dress however can the bright rocket upset, by actually demanding higher mark in demand?


Born l' ; born a l' ; another device really lever in feet out with their appearances, conspicuous qu' they follow the very similar conventional projects, but this qu' it is pleasant it is that those smartphones of 4G LTE are extremely light. Yes, both employ a plastic configuration, but really we take a gradimento with the structured posterior plastic cover of LG the nitro HD, qu' it enables him to maintain a glance cleaner than thank you for the rocket pyrotechnist to relative rigidity. Still, it does not retain as with scratch inclines against the regular posterior cover on the beauty of Samsung. While graduating in on same with their 4,5 „of the exposures, I am naturally spaziosi - still, excessively large for some people. However, that is where the resemblances are concluded while nitro HD praises un' ; exposure to align 720p (720 X 1280) HD IPS against WVGA (480 X 800) AMOLED d' excellent more exposure of the rocket pyrotechnist. Even if our eyes are based on tons excessively saturated with color produced of the rocket pyrotechnist, really we take the convenience in the knowledge that l' ; exposure of IPS of nitro HD servisce in on the more realistic and more exact colors. Moreover, the relative higher density of the pixel allows nitro HD d' to be visually detailed in the fine conservation of the sharp of tests exquisite.