Samsung Galaxy S2 Review September 2011

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Back in June 2010 we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S and proclaimed it the best phone on the market today. Android is our top choice for smartphone OS, and global sales of Android phones seem to be overtaking iPhone quite decisively. Android 2.3 is combined here with a new version of Samsung's TouchWiz user interface - version 4.0. Perhaps more interesting is the Games Hub where you can download premium HD games (and some free games) optimised for the S2's dual-core processor, Super AMOLED Plus screen and 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. Being an Android phone, the S2 comes with pre-installed with all things Google, including Google Maps 5.0, Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Talk and Picasa integration.

A secondary front-facing video camera is available for making video calls. The Super AMOLED Plus screen and the dual-core processor are a match for any video you might want to watch. This really is a phone created by speed junkies. We're totally in awe of the Samsung Galaxy S2. There will be more dual-core phones released later in 2011, and the next iPhone of course.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 crams a gorgeous display, lightning-fast processor and powerful camera into one of the slimmest, lightest smart phones we've ever had the pleasure to hold. There's very little to dislike about the Samsung Galaxy S2. This smart phone is astonishingly fast, with a gorgeous display, a good camera and all the power of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. Note that we've replaced our original review with this one, as Samsung has updated the Galaxy S2's software since the phone's launch.

The Galaxy S2 is one of the most desirable phones running Google's Android operating system. If you've got a few different Google accounts -- one for work and one for home, for example -- the phone can support all of them.