Nokia 3310 Review 2017

The news, the HMD iconic Nokia 3310 smartphone at MWC 2017 restarting like wildfire. The phone was searching for headlines and Nokia fans for a modern twist at the beginning of the classic phone.

While we do not know anything about the upcoming Nokia 3310. the few things that we know that this phone will cost around Rs. 4000 and be durable battery. This points us to believe that the next one will occur in any case, name and fame, won the feature phone.

They have some things that we would like listed in the classic Nokia 3310. These reasons make use crave beginning of the next witness. Overturning look!

Incredible Battery Life

feature phone has a long battery life. Undoubtedly, the Nokia 3310 also lent battery life are well known. The device can operate for several days together without connecting the charging device. There are claims that the next version will also have a longer battery life.

Super-rugged Design

This phone was known simply as the indestructible phone. Millions of people today have gone through 3310 and the device has a high durability Nokia tests used for many years. It is no exaggeration to say that this phone is the most durable device is made, because it falls more and falls, is as spontaneous and deliberate survived. Basic design Nokia 3310 is its durability, simplicity and reliability.

Shell Color Change

The phone comes with colorful interchangeable back shells. The unit was in six color options are available, and it was possible for users to share any color back shell for a custom look.