HT Mobile M15 Review

HT Mobile M15Phones Review : Thanks to his body wide enough, this candy bar hape stay comfortably held berpermukaan though smooth and slippery. But, frequently wiped, because it is often filthy with fingerprints impressions stick.

Compared HT Mobile Music Phone other series, M12 and M10, this one series has a screen larger, ie, 2 ". Coupled with color casing around the same screen, the screen make it look more spacious. Display a convenient views were supported by 256 thousand color pixel density of 176x220 pixels. This makes the color display is sharper.

M15 also carry Double GSM network that can be active simultaneously. Excess, we can choose to enable both or choose one of them. If any one is active, the screen was a cross on the side of your SIM Card and a symbol of the signal. For ease of use, on the left navigation button are two buttons to dial calls each SIM card.

Overall key, both navigation and row numbers, use a soft plastic material that is very fitting for push-punch affair. Although the surface is smooth, easy finger tergelencir will not press the button until the wrong time to SMS ria.