HTC Mogul Review

herald_htc_mogulPones Review : With the new HTC Mogul, HTC is to detect the smart phone market with its multi-featured bound offer. Comes with a 5-way navigation button and a clickable scroll wheel. The plethora of buttons provides access to a variety of ways.

Reading the screen is clear and much easier to navigate through the menus is not a problem, unlike some phones that we previously discussed. Overall, the design was very good.

The quality of the speakers is as average and not very audible in places with a deafening noise. The quality is above average, but the reception could grow in certain areas. The best feature of Windows Mobile, as always, subscribe to mention the story. Battery, 6 hours of talk time was very good and better than most of his peers.

Messaging is very good on the HTC Mogul (with the exception of the lack of a program for users of Yahoo and AIM). E-mail is easy to configure. For those who do not know how to configure Outlook to HTC Mogul to retrieve a connection to the Internet to the configuration profiles. Overall, the mail is a breeze on the HTC Mogul.

The timetable for the productivity and part of the phone is very good, but there was a lag in performance. There are situations where we started with different applications, but not open. There were also delays in the rotation of the screen when the keyboard is pressed.

Although the timing could use a facelift, we can not criticize, as it works perfectly with Outlook. Mobile Office is now also useful. The HTC Mogul is good when used as a modem in the computer. It even loads when you connect to the PC, which is have a nice feature.

Internet Explorer Web browser is a very effective and they show no problems loading pages. This does not apply to load Flash objects that have a little bit disappointed. The wheel is very useful as we surf the Internet.

It is nice to have, A2DP stereo Bluetooth and a mini-USB adapter to 2.5 mm, even though a 3.5 mm would have been better. The phone has no GPS, is rather disappointing. The HTC Mogul is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera, which is useful in this coup for the opportunity.