Nokia E52 Review

Nokia E52Phones Review : After two predecessors sold over the counter hape E63 and E71, Nokia is now concentrating on selling brand-new E series package wrapped by the aluminum-steel style E52. The smell of business, it seemed obvious to a variety of features embedded in jeroannya. As electronic paperwork, office features, and reliable connectivity.

Material quality is better, now owned by his predecessor E52 than E51 series. Solid materials 'steel' is combined with aluminum to make the E52 has a fixed light weight. Its weight is just
98 grams, not making her look frail. Wrap casing gray silver, it features a futuristic impression on hape. Although somewhat prominent junior and no qwerty keypad design, a minimalist E52 impressive and functional. So, do not be surprised if one site scoring 8.5 for this device in the design.

Well, now signals will lead you to little by little closer look at E52. At the front, with a screen size of 240x320 pixels, 2.4 "already greeted you in the show mainstay features. With a depth of 16 million colors, E52 can be a friendly hand to greet you with a good visual, minusnya only when in the sun, not seen clearly display it. So, you better avoid direct contact with sunlight, when they want to read the message or the E52 menu mengoprek.

Move to the push-press the button, alphanumeric keypad with buttons that have a large enough cross-section you can try. Although you are quite big fingers, according to the signal will still feel comfortable with the E52 in typing letter by letter. Normally the E series, Nokia provides a shortcut to facilitate the operation of these mobile devices. Home button, calendar, messages, and can clear you can easily use, because the button was made slightly sticking out. For navigation buttons, E52 provides slightly rough texture to make the fingers do not slip.

Now move to the edge hape, the left only to find the charger port which doubles as a USB data port and a USB Micro size. On the right, you will find some keys. Among the volume settings, which flank the voice command button. While on the bottom, the camera was nangkring shortcut there. To the top, 3.5 mm jack port and the on-off button is placed. Last but not least, on the back hape, speakers, camera and LED flash backs lined up neatly decorated E52.