Nokia 6233 Review

nokia6233Phones Review : If you want to listen to music without taking into account the use of a headset, the Nokia 6233 with speakers of the few good choice for you. Many popular among the young owners of low cost and ease with which it can be adapted to individual user tastes, the Nokia 6233, with a relatively simple mobile phone, but still manages to include many functions more devices expensive expected.

One of the most remarkable statistics about the Nokia 6233, and a sister of the Nokia 6234 for Vodafone is that the waiting time of up to 2 weeks on one charge, but the text messages and phone calls, this is often much more or less, and have 4 days between the average cost for most users. The phone is still good light, even with a high capacity battery, and easily slips into your pocket for transport.

With a built-in 2 megapixel camera and the ability to take pictures and files via Bluetooth, the Nokia 6233 phone with the social use of the surprisingly large and powerful camera with 8x digital zoom can be linked to the results a great night out, and can easily upload photos to the Internet using the built-in XHTML browser, or through a Bluetooth wireless connection through your PC - you can post pictures of the night, when the action happens!

The quad-band phone is fully compatible to allow use in virtually every country to another, and a GPRS Internet connection, wherever you are in the world that you can collect your email from your mobile and contact with friends or colleagues.

The ability of media to sell the Nokia 6233 to the most mobile and most of audio formats like MP3 and video can be interpreted both 3GPP and MPEG4 format, which is compatible with the clip on-line services video standards and messaging.

An integrated radio and stereo speakers offer good sound quality wherever you are, and the phone also supports a wide range of Bluetooth headsets and headphones for listening to your music wherever you are.