Motorola M800 Review

motorola_800Phones Review : There are few multimedia mobile communications, offering as much as the Motorola M800 Bag Phone. This unit is equipped with a removable accessory pouch that showcases a Swivel Spike Antenna, battery backup, external microphone, wall charger, CLA car charger, User Manual, Quick Installation and User's Guide map.

Also included is a huge bag of key organizational added to the call of the collection. The entire device, including mobile phones, handbags and accessories weighs an impressive ten pounds.

The performance characteristics are overwhelming Motorola M800 Bag Phone. Fashion receiver promises to approximately 240 minutes of use, while the owner can wait for approximately 105 minutes of hands-free mode. It has approximately ten hours standby time available before recharging is needed.

The system uses packet data Max BR support 153.6 kbps connection to the data and users can recharge using different levels of energy resources, including lighter adapter, rechargeable battery and charger. Equipped with an internal antenna, plus optional external antenna for final approval.

Emergency placement is available through Integrated Assisted Global Positioning Services (A-GOPS), navigation system. Users can send and receive e-mails, faxes and files using Motorola Phone Tools. Speech Recognition function calls work. Short Messaging Services (SMS) is available for fast and easy text messaging.

Phone to provide up to 500 lines and 20 voice tags. Security and control features include the fixed costs of making calls and blocking calls. Caller Line Identification (CLI) with the device. M800 Bag Phone is a 8mm high character display with high resolution and excellent sound quality.

Adjustable blue backlight and contrast display setting to create outstanding visual clarity and convenience. In addition M800 Bag Phone offers multiple language options, multiple ringtones and a privacy handset mode for private use. With all these features and handy carrying case, Motorola M800 Bag Phone offers significant benefits for people who work or live in rural areas.